Why is a Premium English Course Different?

A premium English course offering is a chance for you to have your English learning experience personalized to your unique needs. Instead of an out of the box, templated classroom experience, a premium English course offers you a custom tailored lesson structure that takes your learning needs into account.

It’s a bit like the difference between ordering a combo meal at Burger King or ordering a gourmet burger with personalized sides at a fine restaurant. A meal from Burger King is good, and you get what you pay for, but what you see on the menu is what you get. There’s not a whole lot of customization that you can get.

Standard English Courses

Standard English courses usually revolve around a particular textbook and the lessons that accompany a certain set of chapters. Whatever is included in those chapters is what you’ll cover in the course. Some teachers who go above and beyond their normal expectations will customize what topics your class covers in an effort teach more on subjects they notice your class really needs.

Our Premium English Course Offering

Our premium English courses take that to a new level. We learn the strengths and weaknesses of our classes before we structure their lessons, then we plan the lessons to make sure to improve the areas of our students English that can make the largest difference in their every day lives.

Using Real World English

We understand that you’re learning English to use it in your every day life. That’s why we make sure our lessons are centered around topics that will make noticeable differences in your English speaking opportunities, whether they be work, school, or something in between. If you want to learn English in a way that will make you feel confident using English in your every day life, we are here to help you.

Your Goals Come First

At Weaver English, your goals come first. More important than filling up our classes is making sure our classes are matched with the right students. We want to make sure that your time is well spent in our English classes, making sure that you accomplish your goals. That’s our definition of premium English courses.

Need help with accomplishing your English goals? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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